About AAoA

Anti-Authoritarians of America exists due to our perceived rise in authoritarian behavior in American politics. The internet and the 2016 U.S. presidential election together heavily contributed to changing public discourse, political civility, and social interactions within the United States — and has given space and political cover to hateful, immoral belief systems.

It’s our position that authoritarian behavior, and the individuals who practice it, are unfit to govern and unqualified to speak for the American people. We hope future leaders choose a philosophy of leadership that includes integrity, inclusiveness, hard-work, honest effort, and a transparent process; and avoid finding power through intimidation, corruption, and weaponizing fear.

AAoA’s mission is to identify and publicize authoritarian behaviors, policies, and attitudes — and serve as a resource to those organizing resistance against it. We re-post briefs from larger pieces, highlighting examples of authoritarian behaviors and occasionally those who fight against it.