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‘A storm has hit my life’: the Kashmiri families torn apart by mass arrests

By Azhar Farooq and Rebecca Ratcliffe, The Guardian, August 2019

There was only one knock at the door before police officers entered Tanveer Sheikh’s home. Armed men climbed through the windows and began searching room to room, asking for Tanveer.

“We have young girls at home and they were woken from sleep,” said Maryam, Tanveer’s mother. “I told the policemen, how could they barge in like this? We could have been naked.”

Tanveer, who is 16 or 17 years old, according to the family, was not at home in Srinagar, in Indian-administered Kashmir, at the time, so officers took his uncle Naseer instead. The police did not explain why they wanted to detain Tanveer.

“They said: ‘You hand over Tanveer and we will let Naseer go,’” said Maryam.

Naseer’s son keeps asking for his father, who has been held for 11 days. “He is two years old,” Maryam said. “What will we tell him? He will not even understand what has happened.”

Naseer is among thousands of people reportedly detained by police as part of a major crackdown launched after the Indian government revoked the region’s special status three week’s ago.

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