By Verna Yu, The Guardian, August 2019

Hong Kong riot police have fired rounds of teargas, rubber bullets, pepper balls and sponge rounds, and beaten people, as protesters led them on a game of cat-and-mouse across the city. The actions took place after a peaceful afternoon march into a confrontation and split into several impromptu marches in different locations.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators took part in an anti-government rally in the Kwun Tong district in Kowloon on Saturday, marking the city’s 12th week of protests. The peaceful march, sanctioned by police, turned into a tense standoff between riot police and protesters by mid-afternoon after demonstrators built barricades with bamboo rods and plastic traffic barriers outside a police station.

At about 4.40pm local time, baton-wielding riot police charged at thousands of protesters, beating them as they fled. Protesters threw bamboo rods and other objects back at the police.

At one point, objects on the ground were on fire as police chased demonstrators along the streets and into nearby buildings.

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